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There is more to every print job than most people discern: creativity, quality, attention to detail and the delicate balance between graphics and text communicate a lot about a business or an individual.

Instead of walking into the first london print shop you come across, you must take your time, evaluate your options and select the most suitable print and design company for all your business or professional print work.

But how do you go about choosing a print and design company to work with? What factors must you consider? 

What are your needs?


The first question you must ask yourself is, what are your current and future design and printing needs?

As your company grows and expands, the design and printing needs may also diversify. For example, during the initial stages, your business may only require simple business cards for all its employees.

As it grows, you may require brochures, marketing pamphlets, communication bulletins and so on.

By identifying these needs, it becomes easier to identify a company or companies that will meet your business needs effectively.

Equipment and software

Pamphlets, plain paper printing as well as printing on different kinds of merchandise all require different types of printers.

Besides this, the design work required for each medium is unique and requires the use of different design software.

As such, a serious print company should invest in a diverse range of printers and software.

This way, once you engage them, they can offer a wide range of design and printing services.

This saves your business the headache of working with different print companies who may also have different quality standards.

Experience and expertise


In addition to having the equipment to deliver high quality work, it is expected that the company selected must have the experience and expertise to bring your work to life.

This makes it easier to work with them and also ensures that you can get appropriate guidance on the feasibility and appropriateness of the work you have identified.

A discussion with an expert can inform decisions that in turn determine the success and course of your business.

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Quality design and print work not only communicates professionalism but it also shows seriousness on the part of your business.

However, it can only be achieved through the combination of modern design and printing devices, expertise, experience, attention to detail and team work.

You must therefore ensure that you carry out a detailed analysis of the printing company to determine whether they have what it takes to achieve high quality work.

Affordability of services

This is a great consideration especially in the first few years of operation where cash may be scarce.

However, affordability does not always imply cheap services but rather high-quality services that are within the financial reach of the business at that particular moment.

To ensure that your business works with the most affordable option, you must compare and contrast the financial quotes of different print and design companies.

However, you must also keep in mind the quality of work done, the range of services and products the company offers in the process.

Whether you are looking for a company to work with for a single business engagement or a print and design company to work with in the long term, it is essential to consider the aforementioned factors and ensure that they work in your favour.